January 27, 2015

Becky Eckhardt:

Brad Hoesing:

August 28th High Reliability Schools

Resources from Principal Leadership Training

Principal Leadership and Instructional Coaching One-Pager

Instructional Coaching PowerPoint

Principal Leadership Overview

Instructional Coaching Scenarios

Instructional Rounds:

Using Rounds to Enhance Teacher Interaction and Self-Reflection by Robert Marzano

Educational Leadership Article: The Art & Science of Teaching/Making the Most of Instructional Rounds

Learning Objectives:

Learning Target Articles:

Wausa Instructional Leadership Poster:

Brad Hoesing's Presentation

Evaluation Schedule Example

Marshall Memo 512: Improving the Quality of Post-0bservation Conversations with Teachers

Strategies for Enhancing the Impact of Post-Observation Feedback for Teachers” by Jeannie Myung and Krissia Martinez, July 2013, a policy brief from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (spotted in Journal of Staff Development, December 2013),

iobserve iPad App for Classroom Observations

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