Your internet

Our internet services have been working on a 5 year contract that expires this year. It's customary for us to work through the state to get the best price on our internet services. She school's responsibility is from the school to the NNNC aggregation point. Then the NNNC has picked up the cost from the aggregation point to the internet. But the bids did come back with changes. Our service providers have submitted their bids and in most cases the prices have gone down. That's the good news. The bad news is that some have not but instead gone up. So your superintendent will be making the decision soon as to how much bandwidth and which service to purchase.


Lightspeed at your school has done its job for almost 3 years. Our contract for that service will expire this September. We are looking to renew that. The equipment involved also is reaching end of life so . . . we're entertaining thoughts about how to proceed there too.


For years now your teachers and yourself have been registering for sessions at the service unit. Do you know what you teacher have been trained in? Do you know how many of your staff have been trained in an certain area? That data has been collected and is available to you. All you have to do is ask. I can get you detailed information about that or a summary. Just let me know what you'd like from me.

Single Sign On

We are beginning to bring schools on line with single sign on. In order for us to do that there will need to be an active directory server and then a federation server in order to communicate authentication information. We are currently prepared to bring schools on prior to their admittance into the ADVISER system. We've had some schools connected already and others are scheduled to be a part of the early adapter program and still others prepared to come on as soon as the next wave is set up. But your school doesn't have to wait with the single sign on.